My Morning Routine – One Word, Wow!!

I left for a Maine vacation, with a goal in mind. Now I KNOW what you’re thinking.  The purpose of a vacation is NOT to bring any goals along with you.  And I would be the first to tell you that!

However, this time I was going to break my own rule. 

Before my trip, I was not feeling much joy. Even the smallest issues weighed heavily on me.   I reacted to things that typically didn’t bother me.  My mojo was gone. So I purposely went into this vacation knowing that at some point during my trip I wanted to “find” myself again. That centered, empowered part.  And, I knew that hiking the mountains of Maine and New Hampshire would be exactly where I’d find it. 

Boy did I find it!

I remember the exact moment. I was hiking a mountain in Southwest Harbor, Maine. It’s a gorgeous spot with a steep incline to the top of a relatively small mountain. Small compared to the mountains of New Hampshire that is.  But the views were spectacular. I looked down on bodies of water, too numerous to even count. I tried, but lost count after 20!  Secluded forests with maybe a half dozen homes sprinkled into the cliffs were breathtaking.  The balmy air was so pure, filling me with a lightness of being.

As I neared the top of the mountain, it happened. I felt shaken by an inner voice.  It was quite powerful.  I’ve heard my inner voice many times before. But this time it was different. It was louder and clearer than I can ever remember. It was as if it didn’t want me to miss the message:

“This is it, this is your life, live it freely, live it lovingly – especially to yourself, and do what you want to do.” 

I love what I do.  I love coaching.  I love my family.  I love playing and travelling.

But what else did I want to do?  

The answer came quickly. I wanted to find peace again.  I wanted to feel joy throughout my day, no matter what was in front of me.  I didn’t want to feel that I was just going through the motions. That certainly wasn’t fun for me.  I wanted to find my music and use it up.

We all have an inner voice. I am not the exception. And, it is always present.  But it takes getting quiet for us to hear it clearly.  You don’t have to climb a mountain – although that’s not a bad way to hear it!  You can take a walk outside. You can sit in a park.

Or you can do what I now do on a daily basis. 

In the chaos of life and my days before my vacation, I had abandoned my morning routine. It was a centering force that prepared me for my day. In the absence of my routine, I noticed that I felt unfocused. I felt moodier. I wasn’t laughing as much. I felt dragged down. The glass was more half empty than full.  

When I came down from the mountain, something shifted.  I knew that I was going to make a change. This had been the goal of my vacation. I had found what I was looking for. I would incorporate a morning routine that took care of my mind, body, heart, and soul.

And, it has SHIFTED my life in so many ways.

Here’s my morning routine. It’s how I spend my first moments each day.

  • Wake up.
  • Seek out my toothbrush and splash some water on my face.
  • Find a comfortable chair and put a small blanket over me. This keeps me warm.  I have not left my bedroom yet. That is important to me.  It keeps me from going to my computer or getting something to eat or drink. I also keep the room dark.  No shades are opened yet.
  • Light a candle. My favorite is a scented one.
  • Place my glasses and a few books that will inspire me nearby.
  • Close my eyes and meditate. Some days I do this for just a few minutes, and some days, it may be 15-20 minutes or more. It just depends on my schedule, what time I wake up, or how quiet I need to get my mind. Important: when meditating, let go of the thoughts that come in.  It’s a continuous process. When you catch yourself thinking, or going over your day, or trying to solve a problem, that’s the time to just say goodbye to the thought. Then bring yourself back to a blank mind.  Believe me, I rarely have a blank mind.  So don’t fret if you find yourself, like me, continuing to notice:  “Hey, I’m thinking again.”  Just gently stop and let the thought go. And put your attention on your breathing.
  • Say a short list of what I’m grateful for.
  • Ask for Peace.  Peace within myself, for others, and our world.
  • Read a passage or two from a book that inspires me.  Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Don Miquel Ruiz are just some of my favorite authors.
  • Spread a small blanket (the one I’m wrapped in) on the floor. Stretch out.  Stretch as far as I can as if my arms and legs are being pulled.  The feeling is amazing!
  • Add more stretches. Neck, shoulder, hamstring.  Add yoga stretches.  Core strengthening. Whatever you like.
  • Open my door and greet the day!

This doesn’t have to take a long time.  If your time is limited, then you can do this in 20 minutes and reap fantastic benefits. 

Tip: Use my routine for a week.  I want you to be guaranteed to feel the benefits.  Then if you want to change it, do so.  Make the routine yours. 

Like me, some mornings you may have to get up earlier, or give up something else.  IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!

My life has become centered once again.  I cherish my morning routine. It is my pathway to staying clear, balanced, and joyful in this hectic but wonderful life.

It is my lifeline to happiness, harmony, and self-love.

Will you join me in centering your days?

Love and ALL green lights,



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