Coaching Results

Here is a sampling of the results clients have experienced from Nanci's coaching programs:

A director of finance had a harsh way of speaking to people.  People were turned off by what appeared his direct and impatient style of communication.

A newly promoted senior executive was responsible for a multi-billion dollar division of a public company.

An executive for a multi-billion dollar company was burned out.

Jim was a coach who delivered business services to his clients. He had worked as a consultant in the field of technology for other companies before venturing out on his own.

Karen owned her company for 5 years and it grew quickly, adding employees during those years. She developed a team that was made up of individual super stars, but not team players.

With four partners who all had different visions, alignment and agreement were an issue that was causing problems for the company. Some of the partners were not utilizing their strengths, so frustration and a lot of tension were present.

Marion ran a business selling products health and well-being products.  She had just left corporate America to pursue her dream.

Rob over-functioned. As an intense leader, he took his role and responsibilities seriously while continually reaching his goals. Rob came into coaching because he was overpowering, micro-managing, and suffocating his people.

Karen is a senior manager of a service oriented company. She started at ground level and moved up through the ranks over a fifteen year period. Her feelings of inadequacy were heightened by not having attained a college degree. Others considered her to be a valued leader and people liked working for her. But Karen focused on her weaknesses. She continually overproduced as a function of needing to prove her self.

Mark is a successful entrepreneur and owner of a $50M company. He has two partners who did not have confidence in his role as president, and continually undermined him.


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