Partnership Issues, Lack of Clarity and Direction

With four partners who all had different visions, alignment and agreement were an issue that was causing problems for the company. Some of the partners were not utilizing their strengths, so frustration and a lot of tension were present. This resulted in revenue dropping and employee confusion. Customer service was also suffering. 

Partners set up weekly meetings to discuss vision, goals, results, and obstacles.  Roles were reassigned so that they were in the right positions. They began to take responsibility for their communication and to communicate on a different level.  They began to understand more about their accountability - not only for their role in the organization, but for each partner’s success.  This made a huge difference, as the organization did a complete turnaround.

Coaching Result

Clarity, confidence and effectiveness grew in the partnership and throughout the organization. Sales jumped, customer service strategies were followed through on and employee complaints dropped.  Overall the alignment of the organization caused an increase in performance and effectiveness.  

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