Fear of Public Speaking and Self Promotion


Karen is a senior manager of a service oriented company. She started at ground level and moved up through the ranks over a fifteen year period. Her feelings of inadequacy were heightened by not having attained a college degree. Others considered her to be a valued leader and people liked working for her. But Karen focused on her weaknesses. She continually overproduced as a function of needing to prove her self.  

Public speaking was one of Karen’s greatest fears. Although she knew this would ruin her career, she continually refused assignments when asked to speak in front of groups. One-to-one conversations with her executive management were also difficult when she had to make requests, challenge decisions, or even discuss promotions.  

Through executive coaching Karen became more confident and vocalized her opinions. She developed stronger communication skills speaking to small and large groups. Karen came to realize that she is a very engaging speaker beneath all of her hidden fears. She can captivate an audience naturally because she is genuine – she speaks from her heart - the most authentic communication of all. Karen is more engaging and light-hearted. She is a leader who reinvented herself.

Coaching Result

Projecting strong leadership qualities in stressful situations resulting in a promotion plus a new found freedom.

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