Spinning Out of Control, Not Enough Revenue Flow to Meet Expenses, Owner Struggling with Employees and Feeling Alone

Karen owned her company for 5 years and it grew quickly, adding employees during those years. She developed a team that was made up of individual super stars, but not team players. Each person was out for their own win, but the team was not developing together, and therefore not strengthening the foundation of the company.  It got to a point where Karen was going home late and working through midnight, then waking up in the morning feeling stressed about going back. As much as she tried to build this team, she kept running into roadblock.  She developed health issues and was contemplating the sale of her company. 

With coaching Karen developed a strategic plan with her team and held weekly meetings to align everyone. Each employee had goals and was held accountable for achieving them both individually and for the whole of the company.  Karen fired one person who was unwilling to work with her and another left on his own, which allowed her to then interview and hire people who could build a team.  Within six months Karen had a team that was communicating amongst themselves, and with her.

Coaching Result

A shift in her mindset, lead Karen to see with new eyes. She regained her confidence and included her team in strategy, goal-setting, and some decision making. Team alignment strengthened, execution and follow through improved, and profitability increased. Karen now had a team that supported her vision. This allowed for her to delegate more and to be able to create a more balanced work-life.

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