Direct and Impatient Communication Demotivated People

A director of finance had a harsh way of speaking to people.  People were turned off by what appeared his direct and impatient style of communication. He was also intimidated by the business leader who managed his boss.  When he began coaching, we discussed what it would be like for him to sit down and speak with his business leaders’ boss. He turned pale and shaking his head, vehemently rejected doing it.  As we continued to meet and work on his leadership competencies, especially his communication style, he revealed that his mother had had a tragic accident and that he rarely spoke about it.  He felt it had hardened him and he closed people off. Through coaching, he was able to get in touch with the part of himself that kept people at a distance and began a transformation.  He started to open up his heart to better understand others.

Instead of communicating and leading people with short, loud directives, he now spoke with them to build relationships.   This made all of the difference. Before he thought others would consider him weak if he showed more understanding, and that they would take advantage of him. Conversely, they saw him as stronger.


Within 2 years his responsibilities doubled.  He built succession and promoted people. He opened up a conversation with his business leader’s boss, which opened the door to a strong long-term relationship.  His business leader’s boss trusts and counts on him now. He continues to grow and expand his territory.

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