Newly Promoted Executive to Take the Division Out of the Red

A newly promoted senior executive was responsible for a multi-billion dollar division of a public company. With her promotion, a gap was left from her old position that she had to fill.  She didn’t have the bandwidth to fill this position and performance was failing and her division was in the red. Stressed, she was told by the President that she had one year to get her division into shape.  

In our coaching, her breakthrough came when she took full responsibility for performance, and not just hers. She stopped blaming others, stopped being the victim, and took a long hard look at what was wrong.  When she realized that her people were ineffective because she was leading ineffectively, she was able to shift her leadership style to one of conscious accountability.  Having more frequent goal-oriented conversations with her managers and holding them accountability for their teams, she stopped stepping in and rescuing them.  As she became more confident in her leadership, people began to respect her. Within the year, her market moved into the black.


New leadership style that held herself and others to higher levels of accountability. More respect from her team and other business leaders in the organization. The division was able to move from the red into the black.

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