Micro-management Suffocating Team

Rob over-functioned. As an intense leader, he took his role and responsibilities seriously while continually reaching his goals. Rob came into coaching because he was overpowering, micro-managing, and suffocating his people. Delegation was not part of his vocabulary. His boss complained that Rob undermined his managers. Consequently he was not promoted by executive management, causing him additional frustration. He was burning out and beginning to show health problems.

In coaching, we explored the issues of control, delegation, and grooming his managers for advancement. Rob discovered that his issues were self-imposed and to break this cycle he switched gears to focus more on his team. He evaluated each of his managers determining if they were the right fit and then developed a succession plan for continual growth of his key employees. Shifting from micro-managing to delegating, he was building the foundation for a strong team. Rob now recognizes his staff more for their achievements than their failures. His health has improved and Rob is now viewed as a respected team player.

Coaching Result

Focus on team building through delegation and succession planning

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