Burned Out, Disconnected Executive

An executive for a multi-billion dollar company was burned out. Feeling overwhelmed and in over his head with the responsibilities he had, he was underperforming and not meeting goals, including his monthly sales goals for his team.   At the time he was $2M under budget. His team rarely could get to him and were dissatisfied.  He was not able to retain managers. His personal life suffered because he was too tired to do anything with his family. Coming home late, he would jump onto his laptop. When he began coaching, he confessed to me that he was ready to leave the company.

Within 4 weeks of our first meeting, the executive began to realize that he was trying to be something he couldn’t be – he was trying to be like a fellow-peer, considered a superstar in the company.  However, the harder he tried to be like this superstar, the more exhausted and ineffective he became.  In coaching, he reclaimed his true style of leadership and his confidence and began to take accountability for what was happening – for better or for worse. Results began to improve. He met often with members of his team and reconnected to them. Turnover ceased.


Within eight months, he had regained the $2M loss and was reenergized – excited about his job again, his company, and his life. The value of this process he claimed was priceless.

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