What Clients Say About Nanci

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Nanci Raphael, in an executive coaching capacity, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to expand their horizons of who they are as a person and what they have to offer the world – not just as a business person - but as a spiritual human being. Nanci has the ability to gently challenge you to achieve your goals while inspiring you to reach for even greater heights." -- Cheryl Conway, Non Profit CEO

"Nanci Raphael is a born coach and teacher and thus has an easy and natural manner for communicating meaningfully and precisely with others so that they feel empowered to explore themselves more openly - and to grow. Her capacity to use her greater awareness combined with her innate desire to bring out the best in others is why I have Nanci as a permanent (and favorite!) guest host in every coaching course I teach. If you have the chance to speak with Nanci Raphael, or better yet get to work with her as your coach, I highly recommend that you do!" -- Ellen Goldhar

"The one-on-one leadership and executive development coaching provided by Nanci is insightful and on target. Nanci challenges your management style and thought process to take your performance to the next level." -- Betty Shepard

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Nanci for anyone who wants to take themselves to the next level. Working with Nanci gives me a unique perspective into myself, my work and acheiving the results I want in all facets of my life. Nanci is a true professional who genuinely cares about her clients while driving results. -- Ina Sargen

"Nanci has introduced me to extraordinary thinking which has given me the extraordinary results I am seeing today. As a young business professional, I feel that I have grown more in the past 4 months working with Nanci than I have in the 2 years I've been out of school. I am always looking forward to our next meeting and what accomplishments I will see at the end." -- John Graham

"We were a growing company and alignment and teamwork were in critical condition across multiple departments. While I had experience in management, Nanci put me on a path to help me see the difference between leadership and management. Truly understanding that difference of showing up as a leader and recognizing the kind of leader I wanted to be - one with integrity and passion, not just a manager, was crucial to our success. With Nanci's guidance our team was able to break through the barriers of communication, get clarity and ultimately realize a focused vision." -- Eric Mallon

"...Within one year of coaching with Nanci we doubled our income. Systems, processes, and my team are set up to double our revenue again for next year. This coaching experience has put me on the path to great things. If you want to take yourself and your company to the next level, the coaching Nanci provides is indispensable." -- Cliff Berman

"Nanci was the perfect coaching partner for me as I sharpened and elevated my skills as a C-level Executive for a $5 Billion publicly traded company. Nanci insightful, intentional, intuitive and inspirational." Denise Kassekert, C-Level Executive, Entrepreneur, Company Culture Catalyst

"Nanci Raphael has played a key role in my growth as a leader. Having worked with Nanci since 2005 I found her approach to be refreshingly different and quite unique. She guided me to a higher level of personal accountability and clarity in my thinking, which enabled me and my team to achieve extraordinary results. I would highly recommend to any executive or entrepreneur that they consult with Nanci if they are looking to grow and diversify their own leadership capabilities, or their management team’s leadership capabilities or expand your company’s presence in the marketplace." -- Sam Sklaroff

"My greatest fear was that by being fully accountable for ALL aspects of my position, I would need to become this corporate robot and subjugate pieces of my personality – creativity and spontaneity. Through Leadership & Executive Development’s coaching, I have discovered that I am now playing on a much higher level and still have the freedom to be fully myself. Instead of being more complicated, everything is more simplified."


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