What Clients Say About Nanci

"When I had my first meeting with Nanci, I was at a crossroads in both my professional and personal life. I needed to set new goals in both areas in order to get back my excitement and confidence. But as owner of a small service business that desperately wanted to grow, I also needed to first put processes and measures in place that would ensure that my business would be successful and solid once we did grow. When I first started coaching with Nanci, I was paralyzed by my fear of sales!  From one on one coaching with Nanci and through participation in her Advanced Business Owner Clinic, I was able to identify my self-limiting beliefs and gain confidence in myself and the process. I now develop my business effortlessly and no longer let disappointment derail my progress. I also learned to hold my employees accountable - to follow-up consistently with them in order to keep them on target. I was able to put processes in place for recruitment, training, and retention of employees – this tremendously grew the quality of the staff delivering our services. Nanci is a very talented coach but what struck me was her gentleness and kindness. She always met me where I was, even if I hadn't met the goals I had set out for myself. No matter how difficult my situation was, I always ended our meetings feeling clear and confident and ready to take on the next thing. She helped me change my mindset to one that is healthy and positive. She taught me to be kind to myself‎. Finding more balance in my life was a major goal for me in working with Nanci. She helped me achieve this. I went from working 72 hours per week to 49!  My company is successful today, I am very proud of the transformation!  I would recommend Nanci to anyone who's tired of the ordinary and open to an extraordinary life!"  -- Jane Panneton

"I have known Nanci for over ten years. I wanted to break out of the corporate world and follow my entrepreneurial spirit, however I lacked direction and discipline. Nanci helped me develop and implement a business plan which eventually lead to a million dollar cookie business. Nanci is the guru in leadership mastery. She never settles for "flash in the pan" results, but instead coaches executives to create a business model for long lasting profitability. She achieves this by creating extraordinary levels of productivity and performance for you and your team. Nanci speaks from her heart and from her twenty years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. Pick up a copy of Nanci's book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Mastering the Inner World of Business and you will meet the extraordinary woman, coach, entrepreneur, and author who changed my life in so many ways" -- Karen Mandell

"As the CEO of an organization, large or small, it is lonely at the top. We spend time talking to our direct reports, our partners, our professional advisors and our peers. And although I enjoy speaking to them, they are not the people to be guiding me day in and day out with my own growth both professionally and personally. In the past I’ve been in various executive development and coaching programs. However, Nanci Raphael’s work with me was refreshingly different, and quite unique. Immediately I knew from the first time I sat down with her, that she would be the one coach who could take me and my team anywhere we wanted to go. And she did. Right away my every day, business as usual, thoughts and actions shifted to an extraordinary and exciting intensity. Amazing, unexpected results started showing up. Nanci creates a safe place to brag about your highest achievements and unload your worst defeats. You feel safe discussing and facing your biggest fears. In this secure environment, it was easy to clear the fog, make sound decisions and then act with strength and confidence. Nanci helped me hold myself accountable and follow through in the toughest of situations. After every meeting, I always gained clarity and found it much easier to be an effective leader. If you or your team are not getting the results that you want, then coaching with Nanci is a must!" -- Sam Sklaroff

"Nanci is an exceptional person and her business/executive coaching is spot on. Nanci has the gift of quickly evaluating a business situation and offering effective advice on ways to handle/resolve/dissolve the situation seamlessly. From my perspective, Nanci's vast experience enabled her to coach top executives to increase our internal and external communication that was critical to taking our company to the next level. I would highly recommend Nanci Raphael." -- Brynne Tillman, President, Social Sales Link

"I was so fortunate to receive management training from Nanci. The only reason I am in the position I am today is because of the management / coaching / training she gave me for two years. Before I met Nanci, I was a burnt out operations manager, burning the candle from both ends, and going nowhere easy or fast. Today I am Regional Operations Manager for ECOMM Networks using the skills she taught me daily. Nanci is the best!!!!" -- Jim Smith, VP Operations at ComTec Systems

"If you are looking for extraordinary results then look no further. If you are looking to take your company to the next level then Nanci is the one that will help guide you there. Nanci helps her clients by being a true coach. One that doesn't tell you what to do, but helps you learn methods that will provide you with the greatest outcome. I will continue to utilize Nanci's services in every organization I am apart of. She makes ordinary become EXTRAORDINARY." -- Michael McDonough

"Nanci is: Always on the cutting edge, leading with vigor & patience, demonstrating her non-stop work ethic until the job is done. Above the crowd w/her unique leadership style, ability to understand business drivers & apply reasonable, cost- effective solutions that beat expectations - consistently!  It would be a distinct pleasure to work with Nanci again - she makes us all better at what we do." -- Edward Terry

"Nanci has used her extensive reputation and background in coaching to establish a strong company that builds leadership skills with comprehensive training strategies. Within her Leadership and Development Company, the business coaching practice helps business leaders pinpoint precisely where they need to break down barriers and build skill sets for strategic progress. She is an excellent networker and seasoned professional and a dedicated entrepreneur that leads by example as a successful woman in business. Highly ethical and trustworthy." -- Candida Seasock

"Nanci and I worked together at Commerce Bank University. Nanci was hired as a consultant for our Senior Leadership Development program. She was brought in to help our managers become leaders. Nanci brought expertise in helping them to hold their teams to high levels of accountability, increase business development, and communicate effectively with executive management. The result of her work was an increase in customer service and branch growth in deposits and revenue. As the coordinator for the Senior Leadership Development Program, I had direct responsibility for the success of each participant. Nanci played a significant role in helping each member reach their highest level of achievement. I would welcome the opportunity to work directly with Nanci again and give her my highest recommendation." -- Sam Tancredi, SPHR

"Since working with Nanci I am more empowered and confident in my abilities. I am living my calling and not responding to my conditioning. I truly appreciate Nanci's skills and kindness and how she has helped me move forward to define and reach for my goals." -- Vicki Sarnoff


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